People wielding dangerous chemicals, high temperature tools, high speed spinny things and firearms...artistically.

Freya W


An immigrant from Korea, Freya had an uphill battle early in life. A prisoner in a farm that bred her kind as livestock for food, she decided to escape the shackles of confinement and flee the communist regime to start a new life in the US (with a little help from the Humane Society and the SPCA). Upon arrival in the land of the free and the home of the brave, she partnered with Greg W and they began prowling the streets of Las Vegas as the crime-fighting duo Stinky and Buttcrack (we don’t know which is which). By day, Freya stands (or sleeps) vigilantly in the front office of Valkyrie Combat, greeting our customers with equal parts love and drool.

Fun fact: When originally being taught to sit, she was incapable of doing so without farting…EVERY time. Thankfully this is no longer the case

Mike H


Bringing an additional depth of knowledge to the team, and a glorious bald head that glistens in the sun like a bowling ball wrapped in fine silk, Mike’s formidable experience is invaluable to our efforts.  His background includes military, law enforcement and security consultation.  He has held positions as a firearms, defensive tactics instructor and field training officer for a major metropolitan police dept. The operational experience later paved the way into the firearms industry. For the last 10 years Mike has been in charge of range and retail operations for several successful firearms companies. He has been the Director of Training and Chief Operations Officer for high volume commercial ranges in Southern Nevada and consulted for others internationally. Mike has specialized experience in executive protection, K9 Patrol Operations, Napping in Austere Environments, Special Reaction Team operations, Foreign Weapons Armorer/Operator training and has a multitude of certifications within these spectrums.

Fun Fact: His tax return lists 36 strippers as dependents.

Brent L


Taking on all things geek at Valkyrie Combat, Brent is an old dude who has been in IT since DARPA, which he invented at the same time he invented the internet. After deciding the Internet sucked, he retired from his day job and a major nuclear generating company, and got into marketing and film. Soon realizing people outside the firearms sector are crazy, he met Greg via a Sun Worship cult and decided to he liked Greg’s flavour of crazy enough to join his team.

Fun fact: He is actually the rudest Canadian alive and isn’t affected by Poison Ivy.

Codie H

Shop Technician

A chef by trade and a survivalist/outdoorsmen, armorer at heart. Codie has a deep hunger for learning, and show tunes.  He has spent his time with Valkyrie Combat absorbing any and all information he can.  Codie has become a skilled Cerakote applicator and his gunsmithing skills grow by leaps and bounds as he has shown a tremendous aptitude for the subject.  Codie is also an avid outdoorsman and has hiked, backpacked, fished, and camped all over the back country of his home town of Big Bear Lake, Ca. as well as Nevada.  He has been certified by the Red Cross in wilderness first aid, as is evident by his continual offer to give everyone in the shop & CPR, just for “funsies”.

Fun fact:  Larry Vickers called him “stud-muffin”.

Greg W


Greg’s unique background of trouble-making miscreant and respectable professional, make him the ideal commander for the Viking horde at Valkyrie Combat. For the last 20 years he has been involved in the firearms industry in one capacity or another, and the diversity of his experience has given him a unique approach that has translated well to our team. Greg has specialized experience in Protective Services, Private Investigations, Personnel Management, Combative and Tactical Training, and has a multitude of certifications within these fields which are too numerous to list; including Combative Basket Weaving and Tactical Pastel Finger Painting. He has worked in conjunction with many Federal and local Law Enforcement agencies, Military Units, and some of the country’s top training institutions.

Fun fact: Steven Seagal once bowed to him. It was awkward.

Austin M


Austin is from the swamp in South Georgia around Fort Benning. He is a US Army Veteran who spent enough time in Iraq they let him vote and stuff. He was also a Ghetto street cop and a member of the Columbus police department Riot squad mainly because if we don’t let him hurt people from time to time he breaks shop equipment, and that’s uncalled for. He has been making different tools for men to harm themselves…….and others………but mostly themselves ever sense about 1993. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at Valkyrie Combat, because we can’t get him to shut up so we weaponized his mouth.

Fun Fact: He once fought a naked man in the desert.

Frank M

Shop Technician

In addition to being an exceptional ballroom dancer, and collector of rare butterflies, Frank has over 45 years of Martial Arts experience. He is the head instructor and founder of the Hurricane Combat Arts system. He started his training in Hung Ga Kuen Gung fu when he was eleven years old under Master Moc Kan Sent in Miami, Florida. Frank currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in American Taiho-Jitsu under Grandmaster Alan Cunningham, 4th Dan Black Belt in Bushido Kempo under Prof. Gary Dill, 2nd Black Sash in Hung Ga Kuen Gung Fu, and Sifu in Wing Chun Gung Fu under Sifu Jiun Yi.  He is also a 9th Degree Black Belt in the School of the Ninja Turtle under Master Splinter.  All of his impressive credentials really just mean that he’s pretty spry for an old man, and can probably kick your ass… without dropping his beer.

Fun Fact: He was once roofied, which led to him walking naked down the street until stopped by the police.

Luis M

Shop Technician

Bringing a wide variety of skills to the team, Luis has become an invaluable asset.  When he isn’t working on firearms, or organizing his collection life-like boy-band action figures, he has helped us with our surveillance system, fixed our Internet, and worked on our computers.  In addition to his aptitude for gun work, he has a tremendous amount of existing IT knowledge that comes in handy all the time.  Always willing to pitch in and lend a hand, Luis is a true team player.  Recently, he has upped his training and begun classes with our partners at Progressive F.O.R.C.E Concepts

Fun fact:  Currently training for the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin for the year 2017… as he wants to be the first Mexican to see snow.

Mr. E


Shrouded in subterfuge, his identity is a closely guarded secret of Valkyrie Combat lore. We speak of him in whispers and use terms like “you know who” and “old what’s his face”.  His mere visage has been known to cause immediate 2nd trimester pregnancy in members of both sexes.  Although no concrete evidence has been found, he has been linked to the 9.6 magnitude earthquake that devastated Cauquenes Chile in 1960.  You could ask us more about him, but we’d have to kill you.

Fun fact:  While at a party in Dusseldorf in 1983, David Bowie told him to put his junk away.