Shipping & Returns

The work we perform on firearms is classified as gunsmithing and repair the BATF.  As such, the shipping regulations fall under the ‘gunsmith and factory repair’ exception.  This means that the owner of a firearm can ship their weapon directly to us, and when the work is completed, we can ship it directly back to them.  No FFL is required on the customer’s end, unless the purchase of a new firearm is involved in the transaction.  You can use any major shipping service that you wish (details below).

*These rules do not apply to unregulated parts (uppers, slides, mags, forends, barrels etc.).  You can ship those anyway you like.

Important notes:
·  DO NOT include any ammunition in the shipment
·  Include a copy of your driver’s license with the shipment, or email a copy to [email protected]
·  Upon completion of your work, we can only ship the firearm to the address and person we received it from.
·  Regardless of the shipping service you use, be sure to print a return label and include it in the shipment.


Notes on specific shippers:

·  US Mail: An unlicensed person (Non-FFL) can ship a rifle or shotgun by US Mail. Unlicensed persons cannot ship a handgun by US Mail. Pistols, revolvers, and other firearms capable of being concealed on the person (for example, short-barreled shotguns and short-barreled rifles) are defined as handguns. Postal regulations allow the Post Office to open your package for inspection. Ammunition cannot be shipped by US Mail. You can search the US Post Office Postal Explorer site for specific USPS regulations regarding firearms and ammunition.

·  FedEx Express: FedEx will only ship firearms via their Priority Overnight service. Ammunition must be shipped as hazardous goods via Ground in compliance with “Limited Quantity”.

·  FedEx GroundFedEx Ground will transport and deliver firearms (excluding handguns) as defined by the United States Gun Control Act of 1968, between areas served in the U.S. Ammunition must be shipped as hazardous goods via Ground in compliance with “Limited Quantity”. FedEx Ground will accept shipments of ammunition.Special labeling is required.

·  UPS: UPS will accept handgun shipments by 2nd Day Day Air (or faster service) only. Rifles and shotguns can be shipped by UPS ground service. UPS will accept shipments of ammunition. Special labeling is required.

·  Most other shippers will no longer accept firearm shipments. Airborne and Roadway have specifically prohibited firearm shipments.

Knives, air guns, accessories, and most gun parts need not be shipped to an FFL holder. We say most gun parts because each firearm contains at least one part that the ATF considers a firearm. This part is typically the part that contains the serial number. This part must be treated as a complete firearm when shipping the item.
Ammunition: Ammunition must be shipped separately from packages that contain firearms (including handguns). Special labeling is required. Some shippers treat ammunition as dangerous or hazardous materials. Guidelines vary by carrier please check directly with the carrier for specific details.
Effective immediately, required as of Jan 1. 2014: New Diamond-shaped Ammo shipping labels replace “ORM-D.” Learn more.
The section of the US Code that governs modern firearms is called Commerce in Firearms and Ammunition (CFA). This code is available online at:
When in doubt, we suggest arranging for transfer through a licensed dealer. Violation of the CFA is a felony and penalties for violation of it are severe.
Federal and State Law Resources
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) has a very comprehensive site containing information about the various Federal and state laws regulating firearms. Please refer to the ATF information for legal questions regarding firearms.