Custom Beowulf Gen 4 G19 Raffle

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Time for another Raffle!  This one is for a Glock 19.  It will receive our full Beowulf package… but the winner can pick ANY cerakote colors/pattern/design they want on it!  Any of our camo pattens, any colors, anything you want!

The brand new Gen 4 G19 will have all of our Beowulf mods applied, including:


-Grip reduction
-Finger groove removal
-Trigger undercut
-Rounded trigger guard
-Magwell crescent
-Full stippling (Kraken pattern)
-Trigger job
-Custom flat-face trigger shoe


-For-to-aft racking serrations
-Press check milling

-V-Mag customization for 3 mags (windows and stippling)
-Your choice of cerakote


*A winner will be randomly selected one all of the raffle spots are gone.


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