The ultimate in combative custom Glock modifications, and the result of 5 years of testing and development… The Beowulf. If you are looking for a race gun or fancy safe queen, look elsewhere. This custom Glock is a workhorse, built to withstand the rigours of full-time aggressive usage. It Including a full spectrum of proven slide and frame modifications, all designed to make this tool more effective and functional.  The Beowulf is a set of modifications that can be applied to customize your EXISTING Glock, or we can add a NEW Glock to the build for an additional charge. Only G19’s are available if we supply the weapon.


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This package also comes with free admission to one of Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts training classes. A custom firearm of the highest quality, and cutting edge tactical training,… the Beowulf is unmatched in both value and ruggedness.

Our frames incorporate several unique features, all designed to make your Glock more functional and user friendly. 1911 enthusiasts will appreciate many of these features as we have “borrowed” heavily from some of the more traditional frame designs. The end result is a sure grip that provides several distinct advantages…

Frontstrap- As everyone’s hand is different, and we have yet to see an individual whose hand interfaces correctly with the finger grooves on the stock frontstrap. In fact, original Glocks did not feature these ‘cosmetic’ bumps, which were actually added as an afterthought. With a straight vertical front strap reminiscent of John Browning’s designs, we achieve strength through unified high fingers. Better fit, better control, better results.

Backstrap- Rounds striking the target high are the result of two combined factors… first, the shooter is pressing the trigger using the entirety of the dominant hand… second, the backstrap often contains a pseudo-ergonomic whale hump at the bottom which actually exacerbates this problem. Hump gone – problem gone.

Trigger Undercut- If you’ve run the Glock combatively, you are aware of the stock geometry where the bottom of the trigger guard meets the frontstrap. This has been radiused and deburred to prevent the raw middle finger (AKA “Glock Finger”) notorious to Glock shooter’s and get the operator’s hand higher on the weapon. By increasing this round cut under the trigger guard, shooters are able to get longitudinally closer to the trigger axis. This allows for a more ergonomic trigger press, facilitating accuracy and independent movement of the trigger finger.

Rounded Trigger Guard- This is the one feature we originally added for mainly aesthetic reasons, to further differentiate our weapons from the rest of the herd. However, after T&E, we discovered that the stock design of the trigger guard seems to encourage shooters to practice bad grip habits. Specifically, the curved and textured area on the front of the guard invites novice shooters to place their support-hand index finger in this area, leading to an unstable grip. Safety can also be an issue, as having your index finger in this position puts it dangerously close to being able to activate the trigger. With the trigger guard rounded, we immediately noticed a reduction in this occurrence.

Magwell Crescent- Some malfunctions (i.e. double feed) require that the magazine be stripped from the magwell. This cut facilitates this process by providing more access to the mag baseplate, giving the operator more leverage for remedial action.

Mag Release Cutout- (Gen 3 ONLY) Many shooters have a problem easily activating the mag release; as a result they frequently will add an extended release button. Instead of raising the bridge, we’ve lowered the river. The Mag Release Cutout provides a lowered section around the mag release that funnels your thumb directly into the button. Unlike using an extended release, it has the added benefit of not changing the dimensions of the grip profile, which can be problematic for left-handed/support/ambidextrous operations. (ONLY applied to GEN 1-3 Glocks)

Grip Stippling- Our unique Kraken stipple pattern provides traction in all the right places. Stability and weapon retention are improved as a result. Each frame is stippled by hand, ensuring that every Beowulf is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Custom Trigger- Ask any Glock hater to list what’s wrong with this firearm, and the trigger will be near the top of that list. We start by replacing the universally loathed trigger shoe with a redesigned model machined using 7075 AL. Then hard coat anodized for deep rich color. This upgraded trigger features a much more ergonomic angle and flat trigger face. Finally, we apply a high buff & polish to all of the functionally important internal parts. The end result is an extremely comfortable trigger, with much shorter reset point, and a clean/crisp break.

Our slides are designed to be tough. They incorporate features that facilitate critical manipulations. They are completed with an application of Cerakote in our BattleWorn Bronze.

Fore-To-Aft Racking Serrations- We are often amazed with how seldom the support hand actually engages the slide serrations. Add gloves, darkness, weapon mounted lights, or return fire and the consequences of a suspect grip can be disastrous. With left, right and top slide serrations running the entire length from muzzle to back plate, you will never miss a manipulation again.

Press-Check Bevel- Similar in concept to the racking serrations, these grooves are designed to facilitate manipulations… specifically press-checks. They provide an angled ledge that gives your support hand leverage and a positive tactile response for sure placement.

V-Mags- This all inclusive package also comes with customization of 3 magazines. Stock baseplates of virtually all magazines leave much to be desired, oftentimes being slick and featureless. The Beowulf comes mission-ready with 3 of our customized magazines featuring both texturized baseplates for better purchase under stress and in adverse environments, as well as our Lateral Status Slots (patent pending) that truly allow for load monitoring in light as well as nocturnal environments.


-Grip reduction (front and backstrap)
-Finger groove removal
-Increased trigger undercut
-Rounded trigger guard
-Mag release Cutout release groove (Gen 1-3 ONLY)
-Magwell Crescent
-Full frame stipple (including index point)

-Fore-to-aft serrations
-Press-Check Bevel
-Cerakote (BattleWorn Bronze)

-3 customized V-mags
-Stippled Baseplates
-Lateral status slots (windows)
-Custom trigger & Trigger job
-Free training class with Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 5 in
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