Grip Modifications

Our grip mechanics are world class.  Stippling, trigger undercuts, grip reduction, we can do it all.

Below is a list of pricing for our Grip Modifications. Contact us directly with any questions.

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We have a wide variety of stipple patterns and textures available. Here are the most popular:

Grit – The great thing about this pattern, is that it can be adjusted from very coarse to very smooth. It’s also clean and uniform in appearance. Our most popular pattern.
DragonScale – This is our most abrasive pattern. We recommend it for front and backstrap application. If weapon control and retention are your most important goals, get DragonScale on your front & backstaps. This pattern, used with grit on the side panels, is our favorite configuration.
Dimple – This pattern will look familiar to golfers. This is the least aggressive of our stipple patterns. It looks great on front and backstraps, but tends to not line up properly on the sides. Use this one with Grit on the sides for a very clean and effective look.
Valtek – Our most recognizable pattern.  It has the feel of our Grit texture, but with a bit more flair in the design.  It looks great on your entire frame.
Starburst – Applied with the same tool used for our DragonScale pattern, but arranged with a little more style.