Beowulf Project

Our flagship firearm and custom Glock modification line.

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Weapon Stippling & Polymer Customization

Upgrade Grip & Performance

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We can make your gun fit like a glove. Stippling and texturizing grips is an art form we know well. We can do custom grip reductions, trigger guard cuts (to stop “Glock Finger”), mag well cuts, even CN machining view ports into mags. Custom Glock are our specialty, but we can custom stipple any polymer firearm or firearm part.

Custom Cerakote

Beauty & Functionality

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We don’t just work on weapons.  Our custom services have been used for everything from BBQ grills and wrenches, to automotive and motorcycle parts.  Cerakote is very tough stuff, and can be used for a huge variety of projects. Custom Cerakote is done in house. And while GLock Cerakote is our speciality, we can coat any firearms effectively. We have an armourer on-site! For a small fee we can strip and reassemble your baby and save you the hassle!


Grip, balance and function

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While we do not support porting or skeletonizing on combat firearms, we are happy to do it for competition rigs. From serrations, to custom optic mounting, we can CNC your vision into reality. CNC customization can add the perfect texture and grip you require, as well as balance and refine the perceived recoil of your favorite firearms. We can make you custom slide a reality.



The Ballistic Off Body Bag

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Hand Picked Gear

We don't sell what we don't use ourselves.